About Us

Colchester Chinese School, formerly known as the Colchester Community Chinese School, was founded in April 2004 by a group of altruistic Chinese expatriates who are passionate about sharing the knowledge of Chinese art, history, music etc. as well as helping local children and adults learn Chinese.

It is the largest and oldest non-profit organisation for teaching Chinese in Colchester and surrounding areas. The success has simply come from more than a decade of scores of teachers' dedication and volunteers' great contribution. With better serving the community as one of its core values, Colchester Chinese School has worked closely with the local government, schools and communities in the last decade. It also has active collaboration with other Chinese schools in the UK, and a number of universities and cultural institutions in China.

It was part of the Colchester Chinese Culture Society before September 2016. In order to accommodate the expanding Chinese learning population in Essex and Suffolk, focus more on students' various educational requirements and individual development, the Colchester Chinese School became independent from the Colchester Chinese Culture Society in October 2016, with its official name changed to Colchester Chinese Educational Organisation (CCEO).




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